My name is Yoann, I’m 6’10 tall, 38 years old and I wear size 15. In this section I will explain why I created Wetall, what problems the site addresses, how it works and what partnerships are in place.

Being tall is very pleasant, but we face many problems throughout our lives. Relational problems (mockery, taunts when we are young) and then spatial problems (the world is not built for people of our size). The environment thus becomes a problem. Transport, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. We have to constantly adapt to a world that should have adapted to us. Things got better with the rise of the internet about 20 years ago. It has become easier to find products that fit, especially for shoes or clothes.

But one thing is clear: being tall means that you have to waste a lot of time finding the right sites and the right products, whether it’s clothes, shoes, furniture, equipment or accessories.

An adapted solution

Following this observation, I decided to create a platform where tall people could find everything they need without wasting time. That’s why Wetall was born: to find 100% tall products quickly. The most obvious solution is to offer a website where visitors can find a wide variety of products. This requirement for a wide variety of products means that partnerships must be set up with other websites that sell these products. Wetall is therefore a platform that lists the best products for adults. The platform is updated regularly to ensure that it always has the latest additions and innovations, whether you need a 6’7 shower hose or a size 21 shoe.

A variety of categories

Wetall’s aim is to offer all types of products that are difficult to find when you are tall. With this in mind, several product families have been created: Clothing; Shoes, Home; Outdoor; Accessories. Each one is composed of several sub-categories:

Simple operation

Wetall offers a very simple operation:

  1. Find the product you are interested in on our website
  2. Order it from our partners.

Clicking on the button takes you directly to their site. Wetall is remunerated via the purchases made through this channel and receives a percentage of the sales made.

Numerous partnerships

As explained above, Wetall has formed numerous partnerships with online retailers to offer you products that are fully adapted to your characteristics. These include Amazon, the world leader in e-commerce, Decathlon, a specialist in sports products.  Wetall regularly develops its partnerships in order to offer you a wider range of products tailored to your needs. On all product category pages, you will find forms to fill in if you cannot find a product to your liking.  We provide you with complete and quick answers every time. If you do not receive a reply, please check your spam folder.

Following us

Wetall is also a lively blog, offering 100% big content. Many themes are covered: sport, cars, interviews, portraits of giants or health. Wetall also has a “Videos on tall people” page where all videos on tall people are referenced. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive emails about our news. Wetall is also present on social networks. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (soon). Other social networks should follow soon. If you have any questions or wish to form partnerships, please do not hesitate to send us a message on our contact page.


Wetall will continue to develop. The aim is always to offer products adapted to your needs, so we will always be looking for new products to add, particularly in the area of clothing. The aim is to save you a lot of time in your search by not having to visit several sites to find what you want. Thanks again to all of you for your support and please continue to send us messages, they help us to continually improve. Enjoy your visit!