Wetall offers you today the best videos available on tall people published in English.

best video about tall people

On Youtube you can find all kinds of videos and there is no shortage of videos about the big ones. This time, the videos are in English.

Tall Youtubers

To begin we recommend the channel of a 2.15m tall (7’2) Youtuber. He talks about his height in his daily life. Many videos are already online and 304.000 people have subscribed to his channel:

Youtube channel of 7footVlogs
Discover here the first video he uploaded:
My 7 foot life
Duration: Less than 5 minutes

You can also find the videos of Seven 2 Tall on his Youtube channel. He deals with the problems of the tall people also with a lot of humour. One of his nicest videos:

TALL PROBLEMS: people reactions TO 7ft 2inch

Duration : 10 minutes approx.

A TikTok selection just for you

To continue with a little bit of humour we have for you a selection of the best videos published on Tiktok stamped tall:

Tik Toks Tall People Problems

Length: Less than 12 minutes

A selection of original photos

In the following video you will find a selection of photos showing tall people in funny situations.

Photos Thats Shows The Struggles Tall people Face Daily

Length: 10 minutes

Another selection of funny videos about tall people

Another video made up of humorous images of tall people:

Tall People That Will Make Anyone Feel Small

Length: Less than 4 minutes

The smile Squad in action to display problems of tall people

Discover in this humorous video a succession of life situations faced by tall people.

15 Awkward Moments for TALL People

Length: less than 4 minutes

Day In The Life: Tall Girl

Length: 10 minutes

She has the longest legs in the world!

This documentary tell the story of 16 years old Maci who has the distinction of having the longest legs in the world.

I’m 16 And Have The World’s Longest Legs

Length: 6 minutes approx.

 A social dating experiment with a tall woman.

What reaction can you expect from a man dating a girl he didn’t know was that tall? The answer is in this video !

Tall Girl Dating Social Experiment!

Duration: Less than 5 minutes

Things NOT to say to tall people

This video lists all the things not to say to tall people!

Things Not To Say To (Very) Tall People

Length: Less than 6 minutes

Why are Dutch people so tall?

Find out in this documentary why Dutch are the tallest people.

Why are the Dutch so tall?

Duration: Less than 3 minutes

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